Become a volunteer

Who is a B+CARE volunteer?

Volunteers for Balkan Cultural Aid Response for Emergencies (B+CARE) come from every country in the Western Balkans, including: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and, we hope soon, Croatia. They are heritage professionals, students and enthusiasts who are dedicated to saving heritage threatened by natural or man-made disasters.

Following the ICCROM principles for cultural first aid, a B+CARE volunteer is someone who has the necessary knowledge and skills to document and protect cultural heritage during and after an emergency. She/he is:

  • proactive yet sensitive to human needs;
  • respectful of the local context;
  • capable of building trust and understanding amongst people who have different views;
  • able to develop and implement first aid operations for protecting cultural heritage in coordination with other relief agencies;
  • able to constitute and manage teams;
  • capable of assessing and mitigating future risks in order to ensure early recovery;
  • ready to offer support in case of an emergency;
  • willing to give help and advice at any time.

For B+CARE volunteers, people always come first. That is why volunteers work to understand and support local priorities and needs. Their goal is to save the heritage that matters to communities affected by disaster.

How can you become a B+CARE volunteer?

If you would like to join the B+CARE team of volunteers, please sign up for a future training. Specific eligibility requirements will vary by training, however, the general eligibility requirements for B+CARE volunteers are that they must:

  • live in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro or Serbia;
  • have some proven experience with / knowledge of cultural heritage;
  • have a desire to volunteer their time and energy to the cause.

B+CARE trainings provide participants with basic knowledge on the following topics:

  • heritage values;
  • analyzing the context of complex emergencies;
  • safety and security in disaster areas;
  • rapid damage assessment for historic buildings;
  • evacuation, salvage and basic stabilization of museum collections.

Currently, there are no upcoming trainings scheduled. Please check back regularly. Meanwhile, if you would like to get in touch with a member of the B+CARE team in your country, please contact us.