This page contains a collection of publications and links to helpful resources in the areas of disaster risk management and first aid for cultural heritage. Read and learn!

B+CARE quick reference brochures:

“How to Protect Cultural Heritage in Emergencies”:

For museums:

ICOM Archive on Disaster Relief for Museums:

For sites:

UNESCO’s Reducing Disasters Risks at World Heritage Properties:

Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage Sites in Albania

For libraries and archives:

IFLA Principles of Engagement in library-related activities in times of conflict, crisis or disaster:

Emergency funding:

Prince Claus Fund’s Cultural Emergency Response Programme:

Trainings and courses:

ICCROM’s ‘First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis’:

ICCROM’s ‘Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage’:

International conferences and proceedings:

ICOM’s Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness and Response:


ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage app: For Android | For Apple